4 Metrics that Prove the Marketing Effectiveness of Custom Car Vinyl Stickers

There are thousands of marketing avenues and tools to promote your brand, its products, and services. For a non-expert, digital, web-based advertising tools and avenues seem to be the most logical choices. After all, digital platforms give brands access to wider audiences at significantly lower costs, right? Well, not quite.

What is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool? 

Cost Per Thousand or “CPM” is the main metric marketers use to assess the cost-efficiency of their marketing tools. This metric looks at how much the marketing tool cost to obtain 1,000 impressions from target audiences. Let’s say a $1 advertising tool gives 1000 impressions. Then, its CPM is $1. By spending just $1 on this marketing tool, brands can get 1000+ impressions.

Unfortunately, the CPM of most digital marketing tools is much higher than $1. In fact, the average CPM of all digital marketing tools ranges between $5 and $17.50. On Facebook, to secure 1000 brand impressions, you’ll have to spend at least $7.19. Basic outdoor advertising posters have a better CPM of $3 to $4.

That’s why smart marketers don’t go with whatever’s trending. They select advertising tools that have the best CPM. For countless small business owners, that advertising tool is custom-printed car vinyl stickers. That’s right – custom vehicle stickers are one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools of all time.

Don’t believe us? Here are four metrics that prove the effectiveness of these promotional tools –

1. Impressions

The metric “impressions” describes the number of views/impressions your custom-printed car stickers generate. Vehicle stickers generate brand impressions everywhere they go. Cover up your car with bright, eye-catching stickers with your brand’s names, logos, and marketing messages. They’ll garner thousands of impressions every 2-3 hours.

Some recent studies estimate that car stickers secure anywhere between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions every day. That’s more than most digital marketing tools! Car stickers can generate large numbers of impressions because they’re mobile. All brand leaders need to do is take their sticker-covered cars to the densely populated regions in their neighbourhood.

2. Leads

Thousands of people may see your brand’s logo and contact information on your car stickers every day. But, how many will contact your company after seeing these stickers? Well, the numbers are in the favor of car stickers again. These stickers generate tens of thousands of brand impressions every day. Let’s say 0.01% of these potential customers contact your brand.

That’s still 10 people a day (at least). You can easily improve your car stickers’ “lead rate” by taking your vehicles to specific locations. Select locations based on demographics, sex/gender, age, and other lifestyle-related details. Your car stickers will appeal to all visually. But, they’ll be more appealing to your specific target customers.

3. Conversions

Can you convert the people who call your company after seeing your vehicle ads into customers? This metric depends on the overall efficiency of your marketing team. Leads generated from car sticker ads are very easy to track. For example, you can use website visits or call-backs as tools to calculate how many actual conversions your stickers generate.

4. Overall Return on Investment (ROI)

The overall ROI of custom car stickers will always be positive. Why? Because they’re super-durable! They work for your brand 24×7. They don’t crack, chip, or fade for the first three years (minimum) of their use.

These metrics prove the cost-effectiveness of custom car stickers!