July 25, 2024


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4 Practical Tips To enhance The Longevity of The vinyl banner

4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Vinyl Banner - Selby's

Marketing displays for organizations play a significant role in promoting the company. The banners of vinyl material are the popular choice for small-scale and large-scale business houses. The prime reasons include

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • portability
  • Greater versatility
  • Dimensional liberty

And above all, the durability of the vinyl material beats all the other materials. If you plan to keep the banner in its best state for an extended period, here are some crucial tips.

Tip #1: Well-informed decision

Virtually all the banners made from vinyl will be cost-effective means of marketing. The material is pretty durable against harsh weather conditions. But wind and rain are not the only elements that you have to consider. What about the vandals and accidents?

To be on the safe side, choose the premium quality vinyl that will safeguard the banner for a longer period. Additional enhancement of quality will make a lot of difference as the banner can stand the test of time more efficiently. It is worth the small extra cost you pay for the extra peace of mind. 

Tip #2: Applying the correct cleaning methods

Even if you choose the best banner quality, it will collect dust and dirt over time. When the banner location is outdoor, the potential customers even forgive the little grubbiness. Nevertheless, you cannot allow much accumulation of dirt that will mar the effect of the banner. 

Cleaning the vinyl banner is not a frequent job, but you have to apply the right method. Manual cleaning is always the most suitable option. You can use a light detergent to clean the banner. Another alternative way is to use little soapy water and soak a cloth to gently wipe out the surface. The key to cleaning is a light touch, and not much application of force as unnecessary force will cause irreparable damage. 

After initial wiping, don’t forget to dry up the surface thoroughly using a soft cloth.

Tip #3: Careful storage

All the printing companies say that vinyl banners are easily reusable. But it depends mostly on how you store the banner. Unless you store it in a suitable way, it will suffer from damages beyond repair level. 

  • You should always roll the banners instead of folding them to prevent creases. 
  • The nature of printing will help determine whether you should face it inwards or outwards. 
  • Keep it out of direct exposure to sunlight to prevent discoloring.
  • Avoid excessive heat in the storage area.

Of course, you need to prevent chances of fire hazards and similar dangers. 

Tip #4: prevent the creases

The banners are certainly durable but not indestructible. Therefore, it is crucial to take regular care of your banner. There will be fraying if you help up the banner by its eyelets and rope. Use the scissors to cut the stray threads that may get worse. 

Creasing is another bigger issue. So you have to keep the banner taut to prevent folds. If the creases still appear, place a wet towel on the affected portion and iron over it. Of course, keep the banner on a flat surface.