A ‘lovable’ daughter and sister, Alithia Ramirez wanted to be known for her art

Editor’s note: This article is part of a KSAT 12 special project Remembering the Victims of the Robb Elementary School.

Gifted is what comes to mind when you see Alithia Ramirez’s paintings.

And it makes sense. After all, her dream was to be an artist. Her parents said she could sit in her room for hours with a sketchpad.

“She started drawing at the age of four… I believe that she wanted to be when she was in pre-K, she wanted to be a nurse… and I guess with the more drawings, you know, the following year she … wanted to be an artist, and it just took off from there,” said Alithia’s father, Ryan Ramirez.

Alithia Ramirez (KSAT)

Alithia was also a doting older sister. Her father said the 10-year-old loved spending time with her younger siblings. Often, she’d keep them entertained as a way to help her parents.

“They would make videos together. They would draw together,” said Alithia’s father, Ryan Ramirez.


Her parents have drawings galore of her art over the years. Some featured animals, others anime characters, and the newest ones included detailed drawings in charcoal.

“She really wanted to be known for her art… That’s what she wanted,” said Ramirez.

And soon, Ramirez will get the biggest honor. Some of her paintings will hang on the walls of the White House, at the request of President Joe Biden.

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