June 13, 2024


Life is art

ALICE STREET to Screen at ADFF This Weekend at Cinépolis Cinemas

ALICE STREET to Screen at ADFF This Weekend at Cinépolis Cinemas

While street art is also usually utilized as an avenue to gentrify neighborhoods, it can also serve – as depicted in Spencer Wilkinson’s award-profitable documentary movie ALICE Avenue– as a instrument to empower, energize and unite users of various communities in their struggle against gentrification.

In 2013, Chilean studio painter Pancho Peskador joined compelled with Chicago-born aerosol artist Desi Mundo to build a 4-tale mural at 14th Avenue and Alice Avenue in downtown Oakland.  Painted instantly throughout from Lodge Oakland Village, a facility that provides reasonably priced housing and providers to hundreds of Chinese seniors, and the famous Malonga Center, a venue for African drumming, society and dance performances, the mural — made with immediate input from the folks served by the neighboring websites — represented downtown Oakland’s various cultures.

But by then gentrification had aggressively reared its unpleasant head. Community people ended up anxious about staying economically and culturally displaced as rents feverishly elevated, alongside with condominiums to residence the rich. And quickly just after the hugely extraordinary mural was concluded, the information arrived that another progress would be underneath way that would block the its watch.

ALICE Avenue brilliantly documents the people’s fervent and largely effective struggle versus unbridled company greed, as they struggle to preserve their culture and their neighborhood. It is an ode to the ability of public art to not only boost but to renovate our lives.

This weekend ALICE Avenue will be in NYC with the Architecture & Layout Film Competition for two distinctive screenings at Cinépolis Cinemas to be adopted by conversations.

Pictures courtesy of ALICE Street