Basic Drawing Tips and Exercises

Pencil drawing is one of the first art forms. Many beginners are looking for a great pencil drawing tutorials. We think beginners have already learned about pencil drawing. Some artists tell us that learning to draw with pencils is easy. We do not think so, but we believe that there are many drawing tips or drawing exercises that can help people develop their drawing skills.

It is good for beginners to read these some drawing tips and exercises:

1. The Salient Points of the Project
We have to know that the first of drawing attention is the salient points of the project. People have to do lot of practices to learn how to create highlights in black and white. They have to obtain a better understanding of the challenges identified in the application.

2. By Taking Photographs
Everyone could develop this drawing exercise by taking some photographs from magazines. People could work with their pencil on top of those photographs and looking for the basic drawing shapes. They could use a different color for each shapes. Everyone could try to imagine how the human figure would look if it was simplified in this way.

3. Make a Conscious Effort
When people working in white and black, they do not just blur everything out of tune. They have to make a conscious effort to do the details. They have to know that the design details can be difficult and this can be the biggest challenge.

4. Natural Progression in Learning
When some beginners feel confident in their pencil sketches, they can go to learn to draw with their pencils. All of drawing exercises is a natural progression in people’s learning journey.

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