June 13, 2024


Life is art

Canvas Drawing – Are You a Draughtsman?

This article will finally give you amazing information about canvas drawing.

Do you know what is drawing? It is a wonderful art where cool instruments are used such as…

1. Pen.

2. Pencils.

3. Inked Brushes.

4. Crayons, etc.

It is most useful in creating a superb 2 dimensional picture…

Now what is canvas drawing? Glad you asked it.

The drawing that is done only by the usage of pencil marks and not colors is termed as canvas drawing.

First pencil strokes are applied on canvas followed by colors if required.

Do you know who draughtsman are? It is a title given to the master artist of canvas drawing.

When an artist starts with canvas drawing, he leaves just a very small amount of material on the 2 dimensional drawing.

This just makes a simple visible mark on the drawing. However, this is a unique style which is also applied to painting.

Paper is widely known as the best medium when it comes to draw. However, in recent times Cardboard, Canvas, Leather, Plastic, etc. are also being used in drawing very successfully.

However, many people really get confused between the 2 terms, that is canvas drawing and canvas painting even though they differ with each other a lot.

Main confusion is because the instruments and tools that are used for painting on canvas are used for both…

But painting on canvas, mainly involves usage of pigments which is done by using brushes whereas drawing involves marking of different lines.

There are many dry mediums that have been used for drawing such as…

1. Graphite.

2. Pastels.

3. Charcoal, etc…

However, items which do not dry are…

1. Pen.

2. Ink.

3. Watercolor pencils, etc.

Many tools are also used such as sharpener and eraser while drawing.

The modern age canvas drawing is done by the usage of computers as it has many drawing software to get things done easily.