Exchanging Patriots license plates to the new design

Q: On social media, I observed that new specialty plates have been established for Patriots license plates. When and how can I trade my outdated Patriots plates to the new 6X championship plates?

— Bob A.

A: The New England Patriots Basis (RIGL 31-3-85) did not too long ago transform the design of its plate to reflect the team’s six Super Bowl championships. The plate is obtainable for passenger and business plates only with a utmost of five figures in the registration. There is also a $10 registration renewal surcharge with this charity plate.

The New England Patriots Foundation recently changed the design of its plate to reflect the team's six championships.

We have current our website (www.dmv.ri.gov) with a picture of the new style and design, and the New England Patriots Basis has updated its get form, far too. Both can be observed underneath the “Registration, Plates & Titles” tab in the “License Plates” tab then the “Charity Plates” tab. You want to use the “Application for Remake of License Plates” to get a remake of your plate with the new design and style. This form can be found in the “Forms” tab and “Registration Forms” on our web page. Fill out the software and post it with your payment. Once the new plate has been created, it will be mailed to you with new registration stickers. You can preserve your old design and style plates as a souvenir, or you can recycle them.