Historic Grand Theatre will no longer host comedy show after protests

Pursuing general public outcry, a comedy display at Salem’s Historic Grand Theatre has been canceled.

Initially scheduled to consider position on July 3, the “Stand Up 4 The us Comedy for Patriots” is a show prepared and developed by Alex Elkin, a stand-up comic from Eugene who described the “Stand Up 4 America” collection as a show celebrating the troops.

“It’s pro-The usa and it is professional-troops and it’s just celebrating the freedoms that we have. And so what ever conclusions anyone else has drum up, then that’s on them,” Elkin claimed.

Posts across social media have named Elkin a bigot, having concern with his social media posts on Fb and jokes from previous exhibits. His exhibit from 2020 included jokes versus gender-neutral bathrooms, the Black Life Matter motion and involved a bit wherever he mocked Asian eyes and then used an exaggerated Asian accent.