June 12, 2024


Life is art

How to Draw a Peacock

Peacock is a male bird largely common to South Asia. They are magnificently beautiful birds and are known for the rain dance fanning their tail.

Steps for drawing: While drawing a peacock, one must not forget to capture the details of this splendid bird. Understanding the proportion of the drawing to the actual bird is also important.

Head: Draw a big ‘S’ shaped double curve. The lines should be thick enough to resemble the neck of the peacock. The lower end of the ‘S’ should be a little broad. At the top end, draw a small oval. This would be its head and in front of the head, draw a small triangle to look like the beak of the bird. Sketch a leaf shaped eye in a small oval. On the top of head, draw thin small lines with small blue colored circles resembling the crest of peacock. The peacock’s neck is to be colored in bright blue green shade.

Body: Below the S, draw an oval with its end slightly inclined downwards. Form a line through the centre of the oval. Sketch another line below the first line. Shade them to look like the wings of the bird. Color the wings in grey color. The rest of the body remains blue green.

Legs: Peacock is a large animal weighing approximately 5-7 kilograms. Therefore, they have small but strong legs to carry their weight. Draw two small, elongated triangles, below the body of the bird. This is the thigh of the bird. Below that, draw a thin stick looking leg like structure. At the end of that, draw five thin long toes for the claws of peacock.

Tail: The main attraction of a peacock is its ornate tail, which the male uses to attract peahen. Draw a long flowing layer of feathers from the end of the body of the peacock. The entire length of the tail is longer than the head to body length of the peacock. A distinct feature of the feathers is the coin like circular designs on it. Each feather is green in color with a golden yellow circle in between. Within the yellow circle is a dark green one with another dark blue circle within it. This feature has to be exactly created to draw a realistic picture of the peacock.

The key to create a perfect drawing of anything, whether it is an animal, inanimate object or scenery, is observation. Once we learn to observe and visualize the figure on paper, we can create a good sketch of the actual form.