July 16, 2024


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How to Shave a Design in Your Pubic Hair – Including Templates, Stencils & Designs

How to Shave a Design in Your Pubic Hair – Including Templates, Stencils & Designs

The trend of pubic hair grooming is one that seems to have increased over the last 20 years, especially when you take a look at celebrities and porn stars who aren’t ashamed of showing us everything that God gave them. Some choose to go fully bare down there, others leave a thin strip of hair (often referred to as a landing strip), a few may just trim around the edges of the hair to keep it looking compact, and still others may go the extra mile to actually trim or wax shapes into their pubic mounds.

The latter may seem far too complex and time consuming for some, but there is a huge demand for creative pubic hair designs, stencils and templates.

Most people suggest using a rechargeable or electric personal shaver to obtain the pattern you want in your pubic patch, but if you use a small razor, have a steady hand and take the extra time, you can accomplish good results with wet shaving, too, which is what we will focus on here. Using a product such as Venereous Shaving Oil and/or Venereous Shaving Jelly will allow you to see all the hairs you’ll be working on and you won’t need to balance a template on top of a glob of shaving foam. With these Venereous products you can even use a marker to draw around the template onto your skin which also means you won’t need an extra pair or hands to hold the template in place (although that certainly could make it a lot more fun!)

Once you’ve found the shape you want, print out the page, cut out the desired image and you’re ready to go. You’ll probably want to print the pattern on a piece of card stock or paste it onto heavier paper after you’ve cut the shape from plain paper. Sure, you’ll need to cut it all out again but this will also give you a chance to clean up any slight imperfections from the first cut out. Or skip the first cut out, stick the card stock behind your pattern and cut both pieces out at once! The main advantage of the heavier paper is that it will be easier to hold in place and work around when you start shaving around it.

Whether this is your first time shaving or your fiftieth, you’ll probably want to trim the area first with scissors to even out your pubic hair. This not only makes it easier to lay the template over but it will also give you a more pronounced design when you’re finished.

Once you’ve trimmed the area, you’ll want to spread on a layer of your favorite shaving product and then place the template on your mound. At this point you’ll want an extra pair of hands or a mirror…or both! This will help you line up the shape on your body to make sure you have just the right placement. If you want to use a marker to trace the template instead of holding the design in place for the duration of the shave, you’ll want to do that before putting on any shaving oil or jelly. One of the benefits of tracing the pattern is that you don’t have to worry about the template moving around while you work.

With your template in place (or traced), start at the edge of the stencil and pull your razor away from the design. Keep repeating this procedure until you’ve circled the entire template but try not to move the template before you’re finished. If it does slide out of place, do your best to line it up again to avoid any uneven edges in your design.

Once you’ve got your basic design outline cut, remove the template and use your razor to clean up and perfect your shape. Just be careful not to dip into the shape! If you should get off course, don’t panic. In a few days your hair will start filling up the mistake and you can trim the pattern out as desired. If the shape doesn’t show as clearly as you’d like, your hair may be a bit too long…or too short. Try trimming everything down to an even length…and if it gets too short, just wait a few days and watch your shape grow in.

Do keep in mind that this is not the easiest of tasks so if you don’t achieve perfection the first time, don’t give up! I’m pretty sure that even if your design isn’t 100% perfect, your partner is still going to love the outcome and will appreciate the time and effort you put into styling yourself. And if you’re looking for pubic hair templates, you can find lots of creative ideas in Newf Brand’s articles.