Life Is The Art Of Drawing Without An Eraser

Life is amazing. Waking up each morning is a blessing in itself because many people didn’t get that opportunity to see another day. Life has some good and bad days in store for us. Even though we have some horrible days, they will roll out and good days will roll in.

Many of us lived in fear of what people think of us. We don’t step out of our comfort zone, which is very sad because the person we are when we step out of our comfort zone might be a better version of us. Some of us fear of failing, so we don’t try. However, only few realized that not all succeeds during their first attempt. times, So, keep trying.

We all make mistakes along the way. Some really big mistakes that we want to erase them. However, we don’t need to erase those mistakes, we just need to cross them out and move on. We can look back and see the mistakes we have made so we don’t make them again. It brings back the emotions we felt going through that time. It allows us to see the scars and show us that we survived them. And when we look back and see everything that we crossed out, it makes us appreciate the person we have become. We can all become better people as long as we don’t play the victim.

Erasing the past and trying to forget about them has only a short time effect. We are always afraid those mistakes will reappear and others will see them and they might think less of us or it might make us think less of ourselves. However, if you own the mistakes you made and cross them out, then no one has the power over you. Don’t be scared or be ashamed of your past, people will judge you no matter what. What happened, has happened. Never play the victim. Just move on. Be the best person you can be right now. Work out with what you’re worth of.

Show some kindness each day, learn to have compassion and empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of someone going through a hard time and helping them. Don’t tell someone you will pray for them if you can physically help because that won’t help them.

We all make mistakes and have some negative experiences in life. We don’t have giant erasers to erase the bad circumstances we all go through. However, if we learn from these negatives experiences, we can live our lives better in the future.

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