July 16, 2024


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Manifesting Solutions – Mind Movies and the Power of Visual Manifestation

Manifesting Solutions – Mind Movies and the Power of Visual Manifestation

Did you watch the movie “The Secret?” If you did not, the quick overview of the movie is we have the ability to live the life of our dreams using The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like thoughts and feelings attract like thoughts and feeling.

Unfortunately, many people do not use the power of The Law of Attraction effectively.

Why People Fail At The Law of Attraction

Most people do not know nor understand the power of their own subconscious mind. The subconscious mind accepts what it’s told without critique. Meaning if you allow suggestions of wanting a great job, seeing yourself in your dream job, collecting your dream paycheck…an opportunity will present itself for you to attain that dream job.

Note I said the “opportunity will present itself.” A majority of people believe if they think it enough their desire will manifest itself…this is not how it works.

What Is Visualization

However studies of shown how the mind can only focus on a thought for approximately six seconds before another thought pops into our heads. This limits the power of the visualization technique. The power of visualization can and does work, and work for everyone including you.

Mind Movies has taken the power of visualization to a new and higher level by combining the power of technology with ancient techniques.

How Does Mind Movies Work?

Earlier you read how the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real event or and imagined event. You’ve also read that the mind can only stay on one thought for only six seconds. Mind Movies overcomes this distraction by having you create a visual representation of your perfect, ideal life.

You simply input pictures into the software along with visual and verbal messages. Once you have completed the setup process you have now designed your own Mind Movie.

Because you have designed your own movie, with the pictures you want, the visual and verbal messages you have creatd, you feel a deep emotional attachment to your movie. Having strong emotional feelings toward your vision strengthens the visualization process.

Your Mind Movie, created by you, allows you to program your mind with clarity, intention, focus and no distraction or interruption.

Remember this famous quote from Napoleon Hill: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve” This is how Mind Movies works. It works for other people and it can work for you. By the way when you do go to the Mind Movies site they have a little something special for you.