Sergey Kir, Ukrainian-American Artist, a Rising Star in Digital Art Launched His Digital Celebration Art Series

Sergey Kir, Ukrainian-American Artist, a Rising Star in Digital Art Launched His Digital Celebration Art Series

“Sergey Kir introduced his Celebration digital art series in April 2022 on with wonderful evaluations.”

The Celebration selection on is an NFT electronic art set, which consists primarily of Kir’s curated operates from the Manner collection that he designed beneath the inspiration and in collaboration with the vogue designers, he witnessed during NYFW displays by Flying Solo, FDLA, and other sponsors of the NYFW.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES – April 25, 2022 – Sergey Kir, a Ukrainian-American artist, a mounting star in electronic artwork, centered in New York introduced his Celebration art sequence in April 2022 on the platform, in which individuals can bid to obtain one of a kind and exceptional is effective by the artist. Celebration assortment on is an NFT established, which consists mostly of Kir’s curated operates from the Style series that he produced beneath the inspiration and in collaboration with the style designers, he witnessed throughout NYFW reveals by Traveling Solo, FDLA, and other sponsors of the NYFW.

The Celebration series is now being auctioned in the Arena and minted on LootNFT indigenous blockchain. The artist is utilizing the references to Greek mythology and biblical themes to emphasize a world of manner as a seemingly semi-divine, remarkable, and yet above all pushed by artistic expertise. “I want to celebrate the serious stars of trend with my artwork – the designers that are burning the midnight oil to generate the vision that everyone enjoys,” claims Kir. Kir’s compositions are established employing pc algorithms, with sturdy philosophical and socio-political messages as their underpinnings. By mixing machine studying, finance, humanity, storytelling, and vivid shades, Kir believes that he’s in a position to create images just this facet shy of perfection.

His works are divided into several collection:

1. Biblical Series – The Biblical sequence was his 1st artwork series to commemorate the inspiration that he acquired around the yrs.

2. New York Collection – The most appealing destinations in New York City are depicted. Kir believes New York is the metropolis of peoples’ desires and aspirations, where one can reinvent oneself, improve one’s future, and produce a new fact. From Kir’s place of view, New York is an unlimited inspiration for creative imagination, but also his household with all the expensive and favored sites. 

3. American Riot/Pandemic Collection – For Kir, the Summertime of 2020 Black Life Issue protests that lead to quite a few violent outbreaks and destructions, as very well as the violent Capitol Riot that led to the siege of the Capitol. His art reflects these times.

4. Manner Series – In 2019, Kir released his Style series, which he started out soon after attending numerous trend reveals through NYFW. He was fascinated by the inventive expertise of numerous designers who manufactured the Style series, which celebrates the duality of the Style enterprise, that brings together an business and a desire.

5. Abstract Sequence – A sequence revolutionizing abstraction.


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About Sergey Kir

Sergey Kir, born in Ukraine and now residing in New York Metropolis, is an innovative artist who’s established his own impressive, new art fashion, which was coined “Conceptivism.” An bold method to portray, Conceptivism synthesizes technologies, economic modeling, and artwork history into a cohesive total. Employing hand drawing, digital pictures, and the analytical procedures from quantitative finance, Kir aims to develop a gesamtkunstwerk, or complete work of artwork, which goes over and above the visible to incite, provoke, encourage, and enrich the minds of his viewers.

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