June 19, 2024


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Some Great Tips on How to Wear Women’s Fedora Hats

How to Wear a Fedora: Do's and Don'ts

We generally assume that the fedora hats are only suitable for men and they can increase their fashion statement. However, due to the introduction of great styles and fashion sense, women have also considered the fedora hats to be one of their best fashion accessories. Nowadays, the fedora hats are so versatile and unisex that you can see both men and women are improving their fashion sense with the fedora hats. The fedora hats have secured one of the most famous fashion accessories places amongst women. 

The History of the Fedora Hats 

Do you know that a woman introduced the fedora hats in the public? The fedora hat style started gaining fame after Victorien Sardou wrote a play known as “Fedora”. Sarah Bernhardt portrayed the role of Fedora Romanoff, where she wore a hat. After that, the popularity of fedora hats amongst women started growing exponentially. However, the fedora hats become the most desired fashion accessory for the gangsters during the prohibition era, and the women’s fedora hats lost their touch. 

Are Fedora Hats Popular These Days?

The women’s fedora hats feature a soft brim as well as an intended crown. Due to the extreme attractiveness and eye-catching design, the fedora hat for women will undoubtedly help you become more confident and comfortable. Nowadays, many celebrities and female fashion influencers wear high-quality fedora hats. If you aren’t accustomed to the hats, you will realize that wearing the fedora hats is super easy. You don’t need to deal with the brim falling on your face and blocking your eyesight. Despite the softness of wool and felt, the materials of the fedora hats hold their shape properly. 

Tips for Wearing the Fedora Hats

While purchasing the fedora hats, you don’t always need to stick to the wool or felt fedora hats. There are some great straw fedora hats for women that are super breathable and lightweight. This is why they are perfect for the hot summer months. The fedora hats are one of the best fashion investments and you need to ensure that you’re wearing them properly. 

  • While searching for female fedora hats, there are various designs including the size of the brim you need to consider. You also need to focus on the perfect balance between the classic fedora hats and floppy hats. If you’re planning to spend time outdoors, the hats will protect you from the sun. But you still need to consider the ribbon and crown. 
  • The classic fedora hats will look best in neutral colors such as ivory, grey, tan, and black. But if you’re choosing fedora hats for girls, you need to consider bright and contrasting colors. 
  • If you don’t know how to look good after wearing the fedora hats, you need to focus on your hairstyle. You should not wear the fedora hat with a simple ponytail. Instead, you need to consider some hairstyles that will help you look chic. As the fedora hats are considered formal dressing, you need to ensure your hair is appropriate too. 

What Should You Wear With the Fedora Hats?

Many females don’t know how to pair their fedora hats properly with any type of dress. This is why they fail to leverage the complete fashion benefits of the women’s fedora hats. Here are some great things you should know so that you can choose the perfect outfits to pair with the fedora hats. 

For Beach 

The fedora hats will undoubtedly look good if you decide to wear them on the beach. Consider pairing the wide-brimmed fedora hats with a colorful bikini. We have specified wide-brimmed fedora hats because they are most effective at the beaches. The wide-brimmed fedora hats will protect your face, eyes, and neck from the UV rays. As per Vision Source, UV rays can dramatically affect your eyes. You can also combine the wide-brimmed fedora hats with shorter shirt dresses if you’re not a fan of bikinis. 

For Casual Outings 

The neutral-colored fedora hats will look exceptionally great with different types of denim. It doesn’t matter which denim you are choosing, it can complement your fedora hats. You can also wear a loose cardigan and other t-shirts with the fedora hats. Pairing the hats with classic outfits is also a great option. 

For Formal Outings 

Consider wearing sleek black trousers with the fedora hats. Additionally, wear white button-down shirts so that you can create robust business attire with the help of the fedora hats. On the other hand, to showcase confidence, you can pair the fedora hats with skinny trouser pants as they will increase the elegance. 

For Outdoor Weddings 

The fedora hats are one of the best outdoor wedding fashion accessories for women. Therefore, if you’re planning to wear the fedora hat at your upcoming wedding event, you should not hesitate. You will look more sophisticated while also standing apart from the crowd. The classic fedora hats will make you look astonishing. Unlike the other hats, wearing the fedora hat will make you look majestic and dignified. 


Many females overlook the effectiveness and appearance of the fedora hats. However, you should not make the same mistake. Consider visiting our website to choose the best women’s fedora hats.