Tap Your Feet & Groove! Here Are 5 Movies For All Dance Lovers

For some, it is just an art form!

For some, it is the rhythm that we live in!

Talk to any dance lover, and you will get just one answer.

It is not just our passion; it is something that we live for.

This is one of the reasons that we are always looking for something which will remind us of the beats, the grooves, and the taps.

Whether it is a good playlist or movies!

Yes, movies.

They are an excellent way to transfer into a different world. When you are watching movies, you are the dancer who is fighting for that world championship, and you are the dancer who has issues.

Thus, if that is what you are planning for your next movie night, then-

Sit back! Relax!

In this excerpt below, we are giving you some of the best movies which will bring out the dancer in you.

Where To Watch These Movies?



Do not jump and download all the streaming services that you can possibly find to download these movies; you can also get these movies for free.

Yes, you have heard it right; you can get them for free!

Just go to the pirate bay, type the name of the movie, and get reading.

Movies For All The Dance Lovers

Here are the best-handpicked movies if you want to ignite that inner dancer again and learn some steps. This is one of the 

1. Dirty Dancing

Some southern romance!

Excellent dance moves!


Patrick Swayze!

The angry young man who is also a softie will always be the heartthrob of the 80s. No matter which list you open, Dirty Dancing will always be one of the topmost movies which defined dancing in the 80s.

Plus, the last performance in the tunes of ‘Time Of My Life’ is still one of pop culture’s most iconic scenes.

2. Black Swan

Thriller and Ballet!

Yes, the elegance of ballet and the thundering nerve scenes of a psychological thriller all mix together. Black Swan does not have a phenomenal climactic dance scene; it also shows the dark side of the art and how it can consume someone.

3. Full Out

Netflix’s one of the best dance movies. A beautiful blend of gymnastic sports and the elegance of dancing.

It is a true inspiration when the character faces a broken dream after an accident that derails her path to the Olympics.

Soon she realized it was not broken but a bend, and she had a gifted talent in dancing all this time. 

4. Flashdance

A factory worker’s greatest dream is to be a dancer!

Haven’t we all watched that dream where all we want to do is dance professionally?

You will now get to see that dream being narrated in the cinema through Flashdance. It is about Alex Owens, who is a factory worker in the morning, and a club dancer at night.

But, the only dream she has is to get into a prestigious dance group. 

5. Magic Mike 

He is a god-gifted dancer, who accidentally found his passion in the way his body moved and grooved, and all played by the heartthrob Channing Tatum.

Do we need anything else!

With the body jittering routines, this is a dance movie like nothing else.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are nothing serious!

We got them from Reddit, and they are here to just add to the fun.

1. What Is The Best Dance Move Of All Time?

Ans. Although, this is a very subjective question. There is one thing which we can all agree upon.

‘Moonwalk’ will, and always will be, the most legendary dance move of all time. The illusion of walking forward while actually going backward.

What could be better than that?

2. What Are The Ranks Of The Step Up Movies?

Ans. Here is a ranking of the Step Up movies are-

– Step Up 3D

– Step Up 2 The Streets

– Step Up Revolution

– Step Up – All In

– Step Up

– Step Up – Year Of The Dance

3. Is Step Up 2 On Netflix?

Ans. Why Do You Need Netflix when you have Pirate bay.