The 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made And How They Did At The Box Office

Movies can be expensive. Many films, like Waterworld (which is awesome, by the way) go way over budget, as that’s just the nature of the beast sometimes. Hell, this isn’t even factoring in advertising and publicity once the movie is actually complete. But honestly, when it comes to the most expensive movies ever made, well, some of these price tags might actually make you squeamish.   

Now, keep in mind that companies usually don’t like to admit how much money they’re spending on their productions, so I’ll leave links below to reputable sources as to the reported budgets to all of the movies mentioned. But, the question is, were the high price tags worth the cost? Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide after looking over this list (which isn’t ranked), but, I’ll definitely share my opinions. 

Robert Downey Jr. Avengers: Endgame screenshot

(Image credit: Disney)

Avengers: Endgame (Budget: $365 Million)