What Impact Do Filmmakers Have In Society?

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The power of films has been manifested and exploited politically, socially, and economically throughout history. For example, leaders like Adolf Hitler successfully used movies as propaganda tools during World War II. Attributes like these show the raw power of film: An enormous power that has even driven revolutions.

As technology keeps growing, political and economic seniors have utilized cinema to change and shape people’s outlooks, either for their benefit or for the people’s use. Film translations are also readily available and highly inexpensive for everyone these days, which makes it easy for filmmakers to reach their target audiences from all corners of the globe; in their mother tongue.

A film can be used to reach a broad audience, to advise and encourage change through engaging audiences and reflecting society. Social film drama connects people in a common sense of humankind and shared responsibility, which gives it added strength to help foster positive transformation.

Through integration into social marketing and change programs, social film drama can make people take notice, get the change process going, and maintain it. The genre has brought silence to audiences, had people clamor to talk, and engendered a desire for personal and social change.

Social Film Drama presentations

Ken Loach set the standard for film and social transformation with Cathy Come Home in 1966; Social Film Drama persists in the genre’s tradition.

“The world is not dangerous because of those who harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

— Albert Einstein

Social Film Drama, a collaboration between filmmakers and policy-makers, works jointly to ensure genuineness to the subject topic and to place knowledge at the center of blended communication and change programs.

Social film theater films do more than spread awareness; they draw you into the story and characters’ lives. They can soften and dissolve emotional barriers and prejudices, ready for change. They make you sense how the characters feel to give you deep learning of the situation; they get under your skin, challenge your perceptions, expand consciousness and stay with you long after watching the film.

An individual who is the inspiration for our writeup today is also a filmmaker and is quite famous amongst the GenZ for his movies and the impact his films have left on them. Taiwo Oduala is a great and legendary filmmaker – Director, producer, Actor, model, and entertainment executive with a reputation and a Kind-hearted God-fearing man.

An exceptionally prolific Film Director, Taiwo Oduala, a various Award winner and alumnus of Colorado film school, Taiwo has 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has been directing for 25 years. To date, Taiwo has worked in various countries of the world.

Taiwo gave his best film in the year 1997, titled “The Future Adams” he directed and produced the film by himself. After that film, many other films came with his name in direction and production, which were the hits of their times. Some of the hit movies include; “The Reward Believe,” “Undertakers,” “God Is Great,” “Love Is Wicked,” etc.

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