Young Adult Book Obsessions: All of These Books Are Becoming Movies!

Everyone knows the popular young adult fantasy book series, Twilight. We all are probably familiar with the author of that series as well: Stephenie Meyer. However, do you all know about another book she wrote called The Host? The host isn’t a fantasy novel, it’s more science fiction, at least in my book. There’s no magic, or paranormal; it’s about aliens and take over. Still, it’s definitely a book that I can get behind with my romantic side as well. This novel by Stephenie Meyer is clever, and although uses an idea that we have all read about before, uses a twist the is extremely unique and engaging.

I’ll admit, when I first started reading the novel, it took me about 30-40 pages before I was hooked. Those first 30-40 pages took me a few weeks and several times of sitting down before I got through them. I didn’t find myself engaged until after those first pages. Once there, I couldn’t put the book down. Now, my attention span is short, so don’t blame the book, but give credit where due: the rest of the book is so engaging that even my short attention span wasn’t an issue.

Now the host is going to be made a movie here pretty quickly. Let’s talk about bang for your buck Stephenie Meyer! One book and one series later, she’s got 4 movies and 2 more on the way. Gold mine. There’s something about Stephenie Meyer’s books that truly appeal to our hearts. One thing I will say, she’s not the best writer of all time. Well neither am I. But she has a fantastic way of appealing to our psyche, or our inner dreams, or fantasies–let’s face it, girl’s got something.

The movie will probably be a low rating, and should be, as I see. The Host is completely appropriate for all ages and truly is a young adult science fiction novel. I’m excited to see the tornado of young adult fantasy and science fiction novels become movies both in the last few years and coming up. It shows the fascination of my age group (and younger) and of both male and female in getting away from the real world for a minute and just enjoying something fantastic, or nerdy.

Unfortunately we have to wait almost a full year for the movie to release, the expected date is March of 2013, before we are able to see the creative story unfold on the big screen. However, we all feel, the wait will definitely be worth it!

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