3 Ways to label your products for shipping

Many companies spend lots of time on their product packaging to increase conversion rates and reach new customers. But what about your shipping materials?

Do not neglect your customers’ post-purchase experience and lose them over something as simple as shipping.

In this article, we will share our top 3 ways you can elevate the look of your shipping materials. After reading this, you will know exactly what to look for when reaching out to your paper or vinyl label maker.

1. Brand your shipping materials 

Branding your shipping materials creates a consistent and professional image for your business. This way, customers will immediately spot your branding when they receive their order.

You will not only stand out from the numerous other order your customers might receive, but it also strengthens your brand identity and encourages customer loyalty.

Going with a custom sticker sheet printing company means that you can create labels that match every detail of your branding, from the material and colours used to the shape and size.

2. Switch it up often

Switching up the look of your packaging can keep your customers engaged in your brand. This can be quite a big task if you have to reprint all your packaging materials.

But with custom stickers, you can easily change the style of your packaging without having to spend much time on the process.

The easiest way to get started with this is by using seasonal stickers, like snowflakes or pumpkins – a great way to boost sales during the holidays.

3. Use packaging seals

Packaging seals are a great way to keep your product in place during shipping and add a little extra pizazz to your shipping box or envelopes.

You can buy stickers specially designed for this purpose, but they are often over-priced. Instead, opt for a custom die cut sticker that you can design in any way you want.

We love the idea of printing a welcoming or funny message on there to greet your customers before they even open their order. This will not only make them smile, but elevate the entire post-purchase experience.

And now it is your turn! Are you ready to try out custom labels to transform your post-purchase experience? We hope so and are excited to hear from you in the comments below.