June 13, 2024


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Get a new set of teeth in Turkey

In dentistry, technological advances and dental treatments have made it possible to achieve successful and aesthetic results in a shorter amount of time. Patients can now complete treatment periods that used to last for months without being disturbed. These factors include;

Treatment times are incredibly short when using digital dentistry. In patients receiving a dental veneer, the treatment time decreased from 10-15 days to 1 day. A computer software program is used to transfer the digital measurements taken from the patient with the Cerec CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer aided manufacturing) system. On the computer, the scan image is converted into a design in Cerec software,myradental.co.uk and the veneer is prepared on a CNC machine. A dental veneer or coating can be prepared in 15 minutes using E-max, Celtra Duo or Cerec Original ceramic blocks. A tooth or several teeth can be requested with this system. The scanned images of the mouth can be shared with the laboratory using the Cerec CAD/CAM system. New teeth can be designed by the laboratory using the transferred scans. An image of the first scan of the patient can be taken and a smile design can be created from it. A new smile design can be obtained together with the patient after the new teeth have been examined. Cerec has many advantages.

System of CAD-CAM;

With the advances in implant technology, new teeth have never been easier. All your teeth can be replaced in one day. When implants were placed in the past, patients had to wait at least two months. It took two months for the implants in the lower jaw to integrate into the bone, while it took four months for the implants in the upper jaw to do so. Previous patients were toothless for this period. He had no teeth to eat and his quality of life was very low. Patients can now replace their teeth within one day after dental implant surgery thanks to new treatment protocols.

At the first appointment, the patient’s jaw is taken. After 5 days, the prepared tooth is examined. Implants are then inserted after the patient’s operation. The implanted teeth are then fixed to the implants with screws. This completes the full mouth reconstruction with implants and teeth. As a full set of implants, an All on 4 treatment is suitable for a toothless jaw.

On concept for all;

Gender and age of the patient

Health status of the patient

Bone density in the jaws is measured

Ages 65-70 are suitable for the All on 4 concept. The all-on-six or all-on-seven concepti is preferred by younger people. The concept of all four is sufficient as a person’s physical strength and chewing force decrease with age. Four implants per jaw can provide adequate comfort and quality of life. People under 65 are more likely to benefit from it as it offers more protection against all-on-six or all-on-seven chewing forces, and can be used longer. In the Myra Dental Center Turkey, our decision on the All on treatment depends a lot on the patient’s age and physical condition.

After implant placement, the patient passes the recovery period comfortably and comfortably with the all on treatment protocol. A second appointment will be scheduled 4-6 months after the first application to remove the first applied teeth and replace them with permanent ones that perform better in terms of aesthetics and are more useful. People can begin using their new teeth after only one day when their irreversibly damaged teeth are replaced with this system. Essentially, all teeth are replaced with full sets of implants.