How can I sue my employer for not paying my truck insurance?

Trucking professionals need to be extra cautious on the roads as the nature of their work is complicated and tiring. The trucking company for which they work should ensure that they provide the truck drivers with all the benefits allowed under state and federal law. Ideally, the employer of the trucking professional should be responsible for the truck insurance of the employee. The truck insurance comes under the workers’ compensation package, which is mandatory for the employee and needs to be taken care of by the employer. Contact an Ontario truck accident lawyer to sue your employer. 

Report injury immediately: If you have been in an accident while on the job, report it to your employer immediately. It will act as evidence, and documentation will act against the employer if they deny you the insurance claim or workers’ compensation benefits. You can sue the employer with the help of a personal injury lawyer, who will ensure you recover all the damages.

Get comprehensive medical evaluation: After the accident, seek medical attention immediately. A comprehensive medical evaluation will prove the cause of the accident and the injuries you are suffering. The employer’s insurance or workers’ compensation should cover all the medical expenses due to the accident. If the employer refuses, you can sue them, and the medical records can act as evidence. 

If they wrongfully deny insurance: You must check your compensation eligibility and file for it before you plan to sue your employer. Suppose the employer provides insurance and benefits but is wrongfully denying to pay for it. In that case, you can sue the employer. Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer who will navigate you through the steps to be taken to claim your benefits. 

Does not provide insurance benefits: If the trucking company you work for does not provide insurance benefits or workers’ compensation in the first place, you can sue your employer immediately following an injury. Most of the laws require employers to provide benefits to employees. If the employer is not paying such benefits, then it is a violation of law, and he can be sued for it.


Trucking companies as employers should be careful and choose the best possible benefits for their employees. They should adhere to the rules and regulations laid by state law. Failing to do so will only get them in trouble and can be expensive too. Therefore, it is best to purchase workers’ compensation for all employees.