“I am a real scaredy cat”

Courteney Cox admits she's never watched the Scream movies

Courteney Cox admits she’s by no means watched the Scream movies

Courteney Cox

The Scream franchise is in a renaissance and a shambles: there is a brand new established of movies with a new generation of stars, but it is also rankled the to start with technology and dropped its unique scream queen. And now, an additional Scream OG has admitted she hasn’t even watched the motion pictures!

In a new installment of Range’s Actors on Actors discussion with 1883’s Faith Hill, Courteney Cox–aka Gale Weathers, who has appeared in all 6 Scream films–admits that she does get spooked on the established of her horror assignments. “Well, I am a actual scaredy cat, and every little thing variety of scares me, so, yeah,” she states.

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“That is hilarious, in particular given that the videos that you’ve performed,” Hill states, to which Cox replies, “Yeah. I really do not check out them.”

“No, no. I never,” she continues right after Hill expresses her disbelief. “Scream—I just go like this. [Covers her eyes.] There’s no way. I really do not treatment if I know what is going on, who it was driving the mask.”

There you have it folks: Gale Weathers herself doesn’t even know who the killer is. And this is a woman in the center of her individual horror renaissance, starring in the creepy comedy Shining Vale. As it turns out, Cox, the actress, is just as freaked as her character: “I have a scene with Mira [Sorvino] in the window—the way she was lit was creepy. 1 of the matters is it is really straightforward to soar out and scare me,” she says.

Consummate experienced that she is, the Buddies alum is able to use the concern in her operate. She describes, “So Greg [Kinnear] would at times scare me just on the established, and then I could re-develop it for the reason that I’m a rather rapid screamer. I’m a quick analyze for terrifying.”

It is all worthy of it, in the conclusion, for the reason that Cox calls the position “the ideal character I have at any time played”—high praise from a beloved tv icon. Just don’t ask her to observe an episode.